Aya began pole dancing as a therapeutic tool for healing and reconnecting the spirit with her body in a magical way. Through dance she’s healed intense past transgressions and grown stronger, more flexible, and in tune with her body. Pole dancing is something she wants to share with her community. She is currently in the process of creating a curriculum for pole healing: queer + people of color + trauma/ sexual assault survivors. Movement has the potential to be the catalyst for encouraging people in our communities to rethink their body, their physical space in the world, reimagine and reaffirm the power of bodies that have been marginalized for so long. Essentially, she seeks to create communal healing through intentional movement. There’s something empowering about literally flying, the act of lifting above when bodies that look like yours are so often held down. Her goal is to reclaim our (*ALL) bodies, sexualities, and freedom together. 

She is a certified pole instructor through elevatED.

She is also a Liquid Motion instructor and will begin teaching Liquid Motion classes in April.

Check out her Tumblr page to see her movement journey and her Vimeo for video of past performances.