Bad as in “bad black,” in direct opposition to the “good black,” who is expected to assimilate into popular American culture to be successful. A black person who attempts to separate themselves from the larger black community, the “exception,” to how black people are expected to behave. (As discussed in The Good Black written by Paul Barett). As a young, queer, happily out black girl growing up in the West End of Atlanta, making me certainly out of the grace of being recognized as a good black, and being carted across town to the predominantly white private school, where I was then deemed an eloquent and ambitious, good black. I know about being viewed upon as both a “good black” and a “bad black.” The blacks who are seen as unkempt, those who excel at making others uncomfortable due to their unwillingness to compromise their truth. I prefer bad. That’s whom I write for, the bad blacks. 

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