Channeling: Ever had an epiphany or moment of clarity that seems to have appeared out of nowhere? Minds are powerful things, but where do you think that information comes when it seems to come outside of ourselves, and other knowledge we’ve gathered?When those moments happen I know that things are being channeled to me from a higher source, something beyond me.

This morning while laying in my friend’s hammock in Rhode Island, looking up at the clouds and as I did my morning ritual of vocalizing thankfulness and praying an intense wave of immense gratitude washed over me. I started thinking about how incredibly lucky I am to be able to travel and set my schedule, to visit friends, build community and have a job that supports me in that way. My ancestors then began channelling mad things to me, that this is my life because I am in step with my divine purpose, and that I have not forgotten my ase, my heavenly contract made before descending to Earth in this body. 

I was told that my sensual work is apart of my life purpose. I am the vessel that is supposed to heal my female linage of all past sexual transgressions, as I come from a line of women who have been sexually assaulted and are ready to be healed. I do this every time I dance.

Every time I move sensually, or simply move without worry or judgement I am healing my altered DNA, that  has shifted & mutated due to trauma. I am healing for my  foremothers who had no autonomy over there bodies. 

I do this when I can be in direct contact with my ever evolving sensuality, and practice celibacy. AND that my celibacy is so precious, because it’s a luxury that my foremothers weren’t afforded. Their bodies were always made accessible and available for others with lustful and evil intentions; for lovers, for childrearing, for the children once they were born. 

I’ve been abstaining from sex for a while now (read, a year & a half), but I wasn’t until this morning that I realized what an incredibly powerful privilege it is to make that decision. I am sex positive and encourage people to have all and any type of sex they want as long as it’s with another consenting adult and everyone involved is safe & honest. I have always been a sensual being, and love toe curling, soul churning sex, but it just dawned on me that the other part of sex positivity is realizing that just as there is just as much power in sharing your body as there is in keeping it just for yourself.

It’s why I am unable to be with anyone cannot feed me in all the ways I need. I value myself so much that I am unable to simply “settle,” with anyone just because they are fine or wealthy or smart or have great sex. Because some of my healing ancestral spirits had to settle, they won’t let me. They express very clearly if someone is not the person I am supposed to be connected to romantically, even if I wanted to blindly engage to shake my persistent singledom, there is no way I could without overtly going against all the celestial wisdom that is consistently channelled to me.

They also expressed to me that by doing this work, I am doing the healing work for other ancestral lines, when I teach, when I dance or perform with, I help create the healing that others need (both those physically and spiritually need) as well. 

Finally, I was told that this is the reason as to why I was sent here on behalf on them, but that my Djing & music ifs my own personal ase, the passion that’s embedded within me. And that the two are interconnected, and not to fret, as they are both evolving in their own time.


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  1. This is completely breathtaking. I honor your spirit and openness towards your healing journey. Reading this has inspired me to stay the course and walk in faith not fear; trusting that all will fall into place exactly as it should. Thank you for this Aya!


    1. Just seeing this! But thank you. Sharing that with me is such a special gift. I really do believe that we all know what we are supposed to be doing and if we take some time to listen, and really honor that then it will change our lives in ways unimaginable.


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