Today marks exactly a month since my Jordan year began and I must say. It’s been lit.

Everything I wanted has been manifesting and faster than ever. Within the past two months or so I have begun to pray outloud in front of my ancestral alter every morning. And things have been shifting. Last year, I didn’t perform much *2 times in the entire year.* So I prayed to perform more and to be supplied with abundance through my performances. Within the last month I’ve performed twice- I performed at a pole dance & poetry event. (And the studio I performed at may want be to start teaching a floor work class there, hello abundance!) I then used the video from this performance to apply for other performance opportunities, once of which I’ve already completed which was a performance art piece at a museum (that paid over $500 for two hours of work.) AND, the organizer of that performance wants to work with me on future projects. *Yay!*

I also prayed to begin to teach dance. And bam! This month I began teaching at an incredibly loving and open community studio in the Bronx. And as mentioned before,  I may begin teaching at another studio as well. 

The best part is that through all of this I am slowly building the community I’ve been wanting for a while and knew it would happen on it’s own time. That is also something I’ve been praying for. Sometimes, prayers don’t work immediately time because they have bigger plans than one can even imagine.

I must preface all of this with the idea of examining the birthplace of these desires before I pray. I try to be honest with myself about why I want this particular thing to happen. Is it ego or is it coming from a pure place? What are my intentions with manifesting this desire? This is extremely important to really think about.

Unless you’re religious, praying can seem like a daunting and weird thing to do. I don’t ascribe to any particular religion and as a result I did feel weird about praying until recently. But as a DJ and dancer, someone whose who life is guided my sound I cannot ignore the power of sound and it’s energy and healing properties. 

Sienna Sunrise by Dharmajon

Every morning when I pray, I always begin with gratitude, and then move into prayers. My prayers are not centered around gaining material things but to be able to do my life work, to heal and build community, etc. And by declaring these things every morning it’s really being built into my psyche that things are possible.It also helps me clarify the things that I want and what I value. Desires can be fleeting, but when I am praying for the same thing every morning it becomes clear that it’s something I should be working towards. I don’t believe in empty prayers. I know it’s unreasonable to pray and then expect them to fulfilled by dropping down from heaven without me doing the work. So afterwards, I go do the things I’ve been praying about. I go to my dance studio to take classes or submit to a festival.

I view prayers both as request that’s vocalizing and clarifying  my desires, and a charge to myself to do the work.

I challenge you to try it out. If you do, know that you must to believe in it.  If you want a new job when you pray you must know you are capable and worthy of the job, be ready to receive, clear with the details of the job (how much $, what type schedule do you want, etc.) AND be confidently grounded in the idea that if you don’t get that particular job you had in mind that is does not negate your worthiness BUT that something better is on it’s way to you.

It may feel silly at first. If so, maybe think of it as something else, speaking your wants out loud so you don’t, or make it apart of your daily to do list, so it’s becomes another task as opposed to some mystical ritual it that feels uncomfortable to you, think of it as a verbal meditation, or write them (and maybe evolve to speaking them out loud-there is lots of power in both.)

Y’all, my life been leveling up since I started praying to my healing ancestral spirits everyday, and I’m sure yours want you to be be great too. I mean, you are them, so ask them for some guidance.  


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  1. Beautiful sentiment. I agree wholeheartedly that prayer changes things. I used to feel so conflicted with my traditional Baptist upbringing and my current spiritual journey that i would feel like a hypocrite praying. It took some time for me to learn how to speak my intentions in a way that was authentic and meaningful. I can also attest to the fact that things are manifesting for me as well. Thank you got sharing this post and I’m so proud of you.


    1. Yes! Thank you 🙂 It’s interesting that such an ancient practice can feel scary and tainted because so many have had uncomfortable experiences with organized religion and therefore feel no claim to the ritual. BUT it’s ours! Speaking & owning and claiming is super magical & shifts things when we do so. So glad you can see your self in our shared experience. ❤


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