Appreciating & Honoring: The Spirit of Activism

Once I told my friend that I was creating this encyclopedia, this was sent the very day. (Yay friends!) It’s amazing. It provides soooo much clarity AND completely aligned perfectly with everything with my reality (and many other’s that I’ve recently spoken to) at this exact moment. The talk covers a number of different topics but the most prevalent is about finding and honoring your place in the current movement/ just for yourself in life

It echoes some of the concepts I talked about in my “ Working To Heal for Uninhibited Grieving.” The exercise provided is beyond helpful (and provided much clarity & relief for me.) It’s about two hours (with about a five minute break in the middle due to technical difficulties) and is well worth the time. If you are unable to watch the lesson in it’s entirety then at least find the guided exercise and do that. You will thank yourself it. Trust me.

Also, Baladé Black  (the organizers of these web lessons) is doing some pretty amazing work in the Bay Area. If you live there, I encourage you to connect with them/attend class. Otherwise, check out their site below and sign up for the newsletter.


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