Notes To Feed The Feminine

This was initially a project for my friends during the holiday season. But something told me to make this a more public act. So here goes. Hope this (re)affirmed and (re)awakened the inherent and wondrous world of the holy feminine. Enjoy. Track List in the comments section. “I get to share something with you that’s super very important. As some of you may or may not know, I have begun DJing, and I am thrilled to be sharing my very first mix with you! You were my inspiration, brilliant, talented, dynamic women. I wanted to create something that was drenched in this very essence of the ultimate, awesome, omnipotent feminine energy. Initially, I was going to make this mix composed of only women artists.  But that idea didn’t last long as, as I know just how important it is honor the holy feminine AND masculine (I am so lucky to know a plethora of women who embody both energies in such a beautiful way it felt absurd for me to bar that type of musical love.) On the last note, I want to mention that this mix is about how you feel, how you should be love and loved upon, even how you someone should make love to you. The songs in this mix represent all aspects in life (I hope), when you’re feeling sassy or soulful or even when you’re even feeling uncertain about who you are/your purpose, I wanted it to be just as multidimensional as you. I hope you enjoy listening to it (and turning up to it) as much as I loved making it for you. I present the first of many loved filled art and music projects to come!”


One thought on “Notes To Feed The Feminine

  1. 1. Eartha Kitt Interview/ Intro

    2. Fake Tears- Tecla

    3. Only 1 U – M.I.A.

    4. Outta The Window – J’Davey

    5. Open Blinds – lowercaseletters

    6. How to Satisfy -Denitia & Sene

    7. Feeling Good – Nina Simone

    8. Naima – Jon Coltrane

    9. Follow Me- Rochelle Jordan

    10. Vibrate -Andre 3000

    11. Third Eye- Big KRIT

    12. Closer – Goapele

    13. Nothing Thought – Sonnymoon

    14. Amani (Interlude)

    15. Me – Erykah Badu

    16. i – Kendrick Lamar

    17. I’m Conceited- Remy Ma


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