Another Throwback Post

(Because my life has been completely hectic these past weeks, but new stuff soon come.)

& this thought has been simmering since then. Last week I volunteered as a feet grabber holding a fake knife wearing a spooky black cloak at the “Haunted Forest,” as apart of my GSA & to help raise money for an addiction recovery center. It was quite enjoyable, I got to scare the living hell out of people while doing something good for the community as well.  I was volunteering next to another GSA member, Corey, who happens to be one of the sweetest guys I have met on campus. He is an out member of the LGTBQ community and he was so frightening at the Haunted Forest. He made people run away in horror, someone lose a shoe and turned grown men, even the ones who tried wanted to prove their masculinity by not showing fear, into screaming banchees. I liked it because it was to see someone of the LGBTQ community on the other side. Too often, it is members of our community being threatened and chased into seclusion.  I don’t Corey’s story personally but what I do know is that probably at one time or another he had to hide some type of mask, as many of us did, including myself. It was nice to see him hiding behind a mask, but this time it wasn’t one that he was forced to wear.


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