Now I’m Ready To Start

I was given this summer by the starry eyed Goddesses to live, to do my own thing on my time in my own way. As a serial job keeper (nearly all of which being jobs I love of course) since I was fourteen there has not been a moment that my life has been less clutter free of deadlines and dates, projects and timesheets. Many a sign has been thrown my way to write this, all of this, my story, unadulterated and free as it ebbs and flows in, around and through me. Often, we move through life on fire, moving from one place to another, from one failed relationship to another, from one job to another without ever processing our experience. We go quickly, without thinking, as if we were just burning up from the inside out. While meditating today, something shifted in my bones and spelled out the message “stop”, stop filling out the application to intern at Complex (which I’m sure would be super cool and who knows, maybe I will work with them later) and those other menial jobs I don’t want to work, but instead to slow down, to cool down, it told me that you don’t have to be on fire for people to see your light. We are the keepers of our own lights, so here I am, throwing charcoal in myself, keeping warm (and bright) with the prospect of sharing my story with you. This blog is my candle. It has the ability to offer comfort if your experience is, in any way, mirrors mine’s, so hold it near or keep it far, but please, just don’t try to blow it out.


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